Monthly Archives: March 2018

Oh Sleeper Awake!

I feel like I am slowly waking up, and the more I do, the more I can see others around me who
are still asleep. Asleep to the realities of the world around them, it’s horrors and the hell that awaits those who are caught up in this world. Asleep to the realities of God and His grace, mercy, love and purpose. And oh the magnitude of His love. It rivals anything that this world has to offer.
I have been asleep to the reality of my own selfish nature, self-indulgence, self-reliance, self-defense and self-preservation. I have known in my head, but not in the reality of my life experience that God is my salvation, my justification, my defender, sustainer and my greatest joy and pleasure. And I am someone who has been walking with Christ since I was ten years old. So what does that say for the rest of us? Oh sleeper awake! Your salvation is drawing near!