Monthly Archives: September 2016

The New Temple

Jesus essentially did away with the temple system. Almost every religion operates on this system. A holy place, run by a holy man, teaching from a holy book. What Jesus taught and provided for was that we are now the temples of the Holy Spirit (the holy place), making us a holy people with the holy words of God inside each of us that have surrendered our lives to Him.

The problem, in general, with the church in North America is that we have become far too self-sufficient, with lots of money, resources, staff, programs, etc. We are rich in resources but we have become very poor in spirit, in faith and in depth of relationship with Him. We go through the motions, having a solid belief system and a form of Godliness, but denying it’s power. We have become altogether ineffective.

Think about it! If God is real and if He is love itself, and if this power that created the universe lives in us, then why do we live the way we do, ruled by sin, fearful, lacking any real love and compassion that uses God’s great power to change the world, not walking by faith and doing all of the things that His early followers did that we read about in Acts. It baffles me when I think about what could and should be compared to what is.

God wants to set us free from all of our fear, doubt, worry, pride, shame and our self reliant egos that create huge strongholds in our lives. Strongholds that are designed to protect us from an enemy that has already been defeated! Where is our faith? Let Him break all the chains and and surrender fully to Him. Be filled by His Holy Spirit! There are places to go and things to do. You need not fear because He is with you and will not leave you empty handed.