Monthly Archives: February 2021


by Andrew Strom

Ten years ago my family moved for a time to a little country town here in New Zealand. While I was there I met a Christian man who had shifted his entire family out of the city into this little town because he believed that “Peak Oil” and other calamities were imminent. He felt the need for a place of safety.

I told him that I believed the 2020s would be the decade when the real shaking would happen. I said I did not sense any imminent threat at the time – though of course there are always serious incidents going on. So are the 2020s really to be a decade of shaking? Yes – I believe they are.


Years ago a friend of mine from Australia was trying to choose a name for his prophetic newsletter. “Construction Site” was one name he was considering. “Stormharvest” was another. Immediately when he shared this I told him that “Stormharvest” had to be the one. For there is no doubt that in these last days, many of us are going to be bringing in the harvest in the midst of a giant tempest. But never fear. One can actually get used to “storm-harvesting”. And that is exactly what a lot of us will be doing. We will live in the eye of the hurricane, calmly bringing in the harvest while panic is all around.

Stockmarkets may crash, oil markets may roar, divisions and schisms may roil the politics of nations – but we have a job to do – bringing in the sheaves. And brothers and sisters, our destiny is to get that job done. We need to keep our focus straight and our heart at peace. We are laborers in the harvest of the Lord – and our task is clear.


The very first book I wrote back in 1996 was called “The Coming Great Reformation.” I believe that book begins in this decade. Along with great shaking among the nations will come a great tidal wave of change in the church. This will not come from current church leadership. It will be forced on them from outside the ranks. The entire meaning of Christianity is going to change – back to the book of Acts. The “clergy-laity” divide will disappear and all will become “ministers”. It will be the greatest revolution in the understanding of “church” since the days of Luther. Much of the existing system will be dissolved as true New Testament Christianity returns.

My friends, we are headed into a decade of shaking unlike anything that most of us have ever seen. But it is a time to be excited – not to fear or become anxious. For those with boldness, this will be a decade of great opportunity and advancement in the kingdom. Do not be among those who shrink back or hide away. Embrace the shaking, embrace the turmoil – and get to work. A lot of it will just be “noise” – more fearful in people’s minds than in actual reality. Let others cower in fear. You can be one who goes forth in boldness at such a time – following the hand of the Lord.

We are living in the most momentous of times. Do not waste this window, my friends. It is time to put your boots on and get ready for a true “storm-harvest”.

God bless you all.

-Andrew Strom.