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Religion Forbids, but Faith Sets Free

Revival changes people’s desires in such a way that earthly satisfactions, (sex, alcohol, drugs, material possessions, etc.) become much less desirable, in light of the tremendously greater satisfaction that comes from God’s Spirit.

Think of the implications of this, the shear power to change the world. Crime would be reduced, people wouldn’t feel the need to satisfy the flesh as much through substances, sleeping with their neighbors, accumulating goods, or whatever it may be. People would be far more loving toward one another. Lives would literally be transformed. People would feel more alive, more content, more at peace. They would smile a lot more, give a lot more and generally be less self serving.

Is the vision of revival such a foreign concept, so hard to believe or hope for? Yes it is a foreign and vague concept for most of us, but it is not without precedence; (Greatest Revivals)

Maybe if we pray and hope, we will see God’s Spirit poured out again in our life time as it has before.

There have been instances in the history of the Church when the telling and retelling of the wonderful works of God have been used to rekindle the expectations of the faithful intercessors and prepare the way for another Awakening.
J. Edwin Orr