The Love Triangle

Years ago, when I worked for the street mission in Hamilton, Ontario, I met a man one day standing in front of the mission. He said he was a Pastor from another city and that God had told him to leave his church and come to Hamilton because God was going to bring revival, in part, through Hamilton, and through something called a Love Triangle with Buffalo and Rochester making the other two points of the triangle.

I have heard the same prophecy from at least three other sources on both sides of the border. It was said that this revival would be different than the one Toronto had experienced starting in 1994. During that time, as many as 5000 people every night came to experience what a British newspaper called the Toronto Blessing. About half of those people had flown in from other countries to experience the phenomenon in which participants reported healing, incidents of personal transformation, uncontrollable laughter, tears and a greater awareness of God’s Love. The next revival, it was said, would be different in that instead of people coming here from other countries, this one would go out from here to other parts of the world.

I believe this to be true and have been waiting, hoping and praying for some time now. Please join me in praying for this to occur; you will never know this kind of intensity of Love from anywhere else than you will from the heart of God. It has been shrouded from us for far too long.

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