The Original, The Best, and The Yet To Be

The first Church, the one we read about in the book of Acts (a history of the original Church) turned half the world upside down in under a century. It was a dynamic, loving and miraculous group that met from house to house, shared meals together, encouraged one another, and no one was in need of anything because everyone shared everything. The sick were healed, the dead were raised and God’s Spirit drove the whole thing. No wonder half the world was changed. Something happened to drastically slow down the progress of that early group. 20 more centuries have come and gone we still have not yet reached the other half of the world. We have been too busy with buildings, budgets, programs, doctrine, and dogma. We have lost sight of what was and so much time has past, no one really knows what it should be, but many of us have this burning in our hearts for something more, something we can barely define, but something we know is real. We got a taste and now we long for more.

I believe that God has showed me that everything that the Church once was and everything that it was meant to be will be realized through the next generation, those who are now in their teen and early twenties. That is why I decided to work with young people. It’s not something that I wan’t to do, but God showed me I needed to do, to help to usher in a new era of Church. One that will begin to change the world once again. One that will be miraculous, dynamic and on fire with God’s love and power. This needs to happen! It will happen! It’s just a matter of when. Oh, Lord help us to get out of our own way and to realize our real lives that have been waited in the shadows for a long, long time!

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