Jesus didn’t come here to start a new religion.

You don’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says, “Hey, why don’t we just scrap Judaism and Buddhism (The Muslim faith had not started yet) and let’s just start a new religion called Christianity”. No, instead He came to save our sorry butts, and He did it in love. His mission was far greater, and by relegating Christ to a religion that goes by the name of Christianity, we seriously hamper His mission. Thankfully, He will get the job done one way or another despite those of us who call ourselves Christians.

Why do we as humans always seem to default back to religion anyway? It is like we always need an idol to worship. When we come to faith, we surrender our idols, and as we look for security in our faith, we gravitate to anything within our faith that we can touch, taste and smell, instead of closer to the One who created all that there is.

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